Having presenting the Southern Fried Chicks before where we sold nearly 90% of capacity (6 performances), it was a pleasure to have them return with their newest "Cage Free Comedy Tour" that resulted in another 5 performances with sales of over 86% of capacity.  Each captured the attention of our audiences with their own unique brand of comedy to the degree that each was a stand alone success while collectively blending together for a most enjoyable and entertaining evening of comedy. I sat through 4 of the 5 performances and witnessed how easily Etta May, Trish, Sonya and Karen worked the room and adapted to and interacted with each audience.  Off stage, all four "Chicks" were a delight to work with and treated both staff and crew with respect and support.  We have every intent to bring them back and to continue the great relationship that has evolved between the "Chicks" and our patrons.

Bruce C. MacPherson
Managing Director
Charles W. Eisemann Center

The Southern Fried Chicks are that "WOW! Factor" event planners are searching for!  Each and every time we use them; our clients are thrilled with the results!


Ron Onesti, President
Onesti Entertainment Solutions


The Southern Fried Chicks were the biggest success we have presented in programming since opening our doors. The ladies were professional, businesslike, and very personable with the crowd following the show as well. They waited around after the show until everyone in attendance got an autograph or a picture that they wanted. This was a great show for the whole family.


Tony Ballard. Director
Hoover Opera House
Junction City, KS


The Chicks were personable, professional, and easy to work with.  Their PG-13 show moves from witty to irreverent to raucous, leaving the audience helpless with laughter.  These are three funny women.


The Grand Theatre Wausau, WI


The audience loved the show from the moment it opened until it closed. I sat in the back of the theatre and kept watching all the body movement as people were laughing non-stop. The show was side-splitting funny from the moment the show opened until it closed. If the audience needed anything, it was a moment to recompose themselves and wipe away tears of laughter before hearing the next line.


Cynthia Allen, Director
Potter Center Jackson, MI

It is my pleasure to recommend Etta May for a performance at your venue. Etta May opened at the Luhrs Center for America's Got Talent winner Terry Fator. Our audience loved Etta May so much that they requested we bring her back for her own show.  Etta May and the Southern Fried Chicks performed to almost 1,100 patrons. Her show is open to all ages which means more ticket sales. It's a great, affordable show for your patrons and an easy sell for your venue.

Leslie Folmer Clinton | Director, Luhrs Performing Arts Center | Shippensburg, PA

On a scale from 1-10 it, would be a 10!  We definitely got our money's worth and plan to have her back again.


Firelake Casino, Shawnee,OK

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